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Birthday Wishes For A Wealthy Life

As my oldest son’s birthday comes to a close, I wanted to share a favorite throwback picture of him from his first birthday party. Since he is half Korean, we held the traditional 1st birthday party called a Doljanchi where he wore a hanbok and participated in a doljabi ceremony. In the past, many Korean babies did not make it to their first birthdays so attaining this milestone became a big cause for celebration.

For the doljabi he was seated at a table where 6-8 different items were placed in front of him. It’s said that whichever item(s) he chooses first will somehow correlate to his future (ball=athlete, pencil=writer, etc). Well, he went straight for the money you see him clutching in the picture. It was pretty hysterical to see and his audience of family and friends got a good laugh out of it.

Afterwards, I remember thinking to myself, “Sweet baby boy, I hope wealth comes to you in many different forms in your life. I hope you are wealthy in love, in friendship, in laughter, in good health, in what sets your soul on fire, in knowledge and the desire to learn all you can, and in kindness and compassion for others”.

Whenever I look at this picture it brings me back to that day and my prayers for all the ways I want him to be wealthy in this life.

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