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Counting My Lucky Charms 🍀

My 3 Lucky Charms-Matt, David (6 months), and James (3 years)

I love celebrating holidays with my family. As long as doing so doesn't require invoking the spirit of Martha Stewart and spending tedious hours hand crafting a Pinterest worthy decoration that my 3 old will probably destroy anyway. I spent some time browsing Pinterest for St. Patrick's day crafts/activities/decorations for kids and was turned off by the majority of them per the reasons previously mentioned (Martha, hours of time, destruction by toddler). I settled on a few ideas that required minimal preparation and time to implement.

1) St. Patrick's Day Books

I have to say that each of these books is super cute and fun to read. James was inspired after reading 'How to Catch a Leprechaun' to create his own trap. Of course I tried to explain that the leprechaun had already come to our house and we'd have to try and catch him next St. Patrick's Day. He's not convinced (sigh) and the trap is currently sitting on our bathroom floor next to the toilet so that the leprechaun, as he states, "won't get his funny green pee in our potty".

2) Gold Coins

Our leprechaun made a trail of gold coins that led up to the books he had left for the boys. James was ecstatic to discover the chocolate inside each of them! Yum!

3) Leprechaun Sticker Footprints

It was so fun to watch James follow the leprechaun's trail-around the kitchen, on our walls, and into the bathroom of all places. James just couldn't believe a leprechaun would go here, there, and everywhere!

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4) Green Chocolate Chip Pancakes

*I added in a cup of chocolate chips and green food dye*

This recipe is super easy to make and it's likely you'll have all the ingredients on hand!


Our family had a great St. Patrick's Day! I enjoyed being able to do some fun things for my family, but know that my worth or success as a Momma isn't determined by how many activities, decorations, or crafts I can do on any given holiday. I'd much rather my barometer of success be based on the love, attention, and care I strive my best to provide every day of the year.

Together in Motherhood,


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