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Featured Momma-Leah

I’m thrilled to feature my friend and former co-worker, Leah! I always enjoyed seeing Leah the days I worked at her school. She welcomed me into her classroom as a frequent visitor and shared great insights about her students.

Her friendly and down-to-earth nature makes her a joy to be around. She’s an amazing fellow boy mom and I love her take on motherhood as she shares her experiences in a very relatable, honest, and at times-humorous way! Thank you, Leah.

Name: Leah

Age: I am 43 years old. "Hi" to all the older moms.

Children: I have one 3 ½ year old boy who thinks he’s 15!

Occupation: I am a teacher turned SAHM who will be going back to teaching...soonish, maybe? We’ll see?!?!

The most rewarding part about being a mom?

One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is seeing a child’s daily success and achievements. Yesterday, my son started riding and actually peddling his “big boy bike.” This was something that he had absolutely no interest in a week ago! I was so glad that I was the one there to cheer him and praise his hard work.

The most challenging part about being a mom?

The most challenging thing about being a mom is making sure everyone’s needs are met. Of course you feel like the kid’s needs should come first but I’ve learned that my needs to come first. If I’m not mentally or physically prepared I can’t help anyone else. Prime example, going to the bathroom! I don’t have the patience to spend 15 minutes in the bathroom with my 3 year old trying to poop if I’m busting at the seams from drinking too much iced tea! I also always felt that being a SAHM would afford me more time. More time with my son and more time to commit to my home. Boy was I wrong! I feel like the daily chores are just a checklist on repeat. It’s stressful to make sure everyone in your house is happy and all the things get done. Take it one day at a time, moms!

The best advice about motherhood you've received?

The best advice I’ve ever received as a parent is to let a child develop and grow at his/her own pace. It’s not a race against anyone else. All kids will get what they need when they need it.

How do you practice self-care as a mom?

Oh boy, self care! That’s something that’s hard to come by. I was the type of person who always had my hair and nails done and never left the house without makeup. That all changed when I became a SAHM. I’ve learned to find balance and make it a priority to get my hair done monthly and go for a much needed manicure/pedicure every other month. It seriously gives me peace and sanity.

Must-have baby registry product?

My absolute all time favorite baby registry item that I feel every mom should have is a good stroller. I know everyone initially goes for the big fancy systems because they have both the stroller and the car seat combined. Nope, keep on going! Get a good car seat and then a separate stroller that can accommodate your car seat. That stroller saved my sanity so many times! It gave both of us fresh air and helped my son sleep when he was collicy baby.

Favorite quote about motherhood?

My absolute favorite motherhood quote is “This whole thing is a shitshow and we’re just trying to survive one day at a time”!

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