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May I Always Remember

May I Always Remember

May I always remember, your sweet newborn smell, the first time I experienced it, my heart began to swell

May I always remember, rocking you to sleep, laying you down so gently, trying not to make a peep

May I always remember, your first happy toothless smile, it made all those sleepless nights, incredibly worthwhile

May I always remember, the sound of your little voice, it always made me grin, I didn’t have a choice

May I always remember, holding you in my arms, praying with all my strength, that you would never come to harm

May I always remember, your little outstretched hands, reaching out to me to steady your wobbly stand

May you always remember, even when we’re apart, you’re never that far way, because you’re always in my heart

-Blessed Psych Momma

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