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Nothing Can Truly Prepare You For...

Nothing can truly prepare you for...

The moment you hold your baby for the first time and feel the enormity of parenthood placed on your shoulders

The first time your baby smiles at you and the pure joy and love that washes over you

Running on empty while taking care of a sick child who you’d gladly switch places with if it meant they no longer had to suffer

Watching your child persevere and overcome a challenge and the absolute pride you have in them

The last time you’re called Mommy and the first time you’re called Mom

When your child experiences their first heartbreak and there’s nothing you can say or do to make it all better

The constant worrying about their wellbeing that you know will never end no matter how old they are

Witnessing them make mistakes and fail and knowing you shouldn’t come to the rescue because they will learn more navigating them on their own

The day your child moves out of your home and into the world without you

The moment you no longer become the most important person in their life

The realization that parenthood is the most fulfilling, beautiful, hardest, scariest experience in the world

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