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Welcome, Mommas!


Hello Fellow Mommas,

Thank you for taking time out of your no doubt busy day to visit my blog! I've been entertaining the idea to start this venture for some time now, and I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go. There's no better time than the present as one would say.

I wanted to create Blessed Psych Momma so that I could share my stories of motherhood, and in turn, be able to relate and connect with other mommas. My experience as a school psychologist and love for helping children and their families, fuels my ambition to share resources, articles, and information related to mental health, psychology, and positive parenting practices. I also hope to showcase my love of cooking and baking, review products I've found to be useful, or even post some funny memes to brighten up your day. Lastly, I know that I offer but one perspective on motherhood from the multitudes that exist, and I want to feature mommas of varying backgrounds, experiences, and family make-ups to share their motherhood journey.

Together in Motherhood,

Jennifer :o)

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