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Ecocentric Mom’s Monthly Box of Organic, Natural, and Eco-Friendly Products

What is Ecocentric Mom?

Ecocentric Mom offers a monthly subscription box for moms that includes a unique variety of organic, all natural and eco-friendly products. They also have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester pregnancy gift boxes as well as a new baby welcome box, which is something I'm sure any expecting or new mother would be thrilled to have.

The box I received this month features an assortment of items perfect for a busy mom of 3 like me to enjoy. Items included

-Grainbow Hot Pack that is to be placed on the eyes to induce a calming effect

-Earth Mama 100% organic tea for PMS, period and postpartum

-Ultima Replinisher Electrolyte Hydration Mix

-bellapierre matte lipstick

-Starwest Botanicals Organic Lavender Dryer Bags

-Flower patterned blank notebook

I love the variety of items that were packaged in this box. Every product selected promotes the concept of self-care-which is honestly something I know all moms can use a lot more of in their lives. I can't wait to start enjoying them and see what next month's box brings.

To check out all of the amazing subscription box options, visit Their boxes would make a perfect gift for yourself (you deserve it) or a mom friend.

*Use my code BLESSEDPSYCHMOMMA to get 15% off any subscription!*

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