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The Last Firsts

Sweet little one, you are our last precious babe.

And time is going by so fast this time around-much too fast.

The other day it hit me; these are the last “firsts” I’ll get to experience as a momma.

You’ll be the last baby I introduce to solids foods and watch with delight as you explore new textures and flavors.

It’s the last time I’ll see a gummy smile transform before my eyes and a pearly white tooth start to poke through.

It’s the last time I‘ll witness the thrill of my

child crawling, pulling to stand, and taking their first steps.

It will be the final time I get to hear my baby’s first coos, words, and sentences.

The last first bath and first birthday. The last first kiss and hugs.

I want my mind and my heart to hold onto all of these experiences as much as possible.

I want time to slow down a bit so I can take in the beauty and importance of each one.

Because these are the last firsts and I know I’ll never get to have them again.

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