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The Magic of Osmo

I’m so excited to share the magic of @playosmo with you! ✨

We were #gifted this Osmo base and Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends drawing pad.

Osmo fuses digital and physical play and learning. Osmo is real play and real learning. Osmo’s interactive learning system offers 13+ games and kits for children 3+. It’s an amazing way to utilize screen time and increase your child’s skills in many different areas (drawing, writing, reading, coding, visual spatial)

My six year old absolutely loved using Osmo and the interactive drawing pad to bring Mickey and his friends to life through various scenes. He said, “Wow! It’s like magic!” and loved seeing his drawings displayed and animated right on the screen.

I’m so glad we can use Osmo for summertime learning and fun! The activities are engaging, creative, and interactive.

As a school psychologist, I was excited to observe my son using the following skills as he played and learned with @playosmo.

-Listening Comprehension

-Fine Motor

-Auditory Processing

-Visual/Spatial Analysis

-Joint Attention

-Following Directions

I hope you and your children can experience the magic of Osmo,

too! ✨

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