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Featured Momma-Elizabeth

I’m so happy to feature my friend and former co-worker, Elizabeth! We were preggo buddies when she was carrying her second child and I was pregnant with my first. I love watching her kids grow up through the pictures she shares and seeing all of the creative and fun activities she does with her kiddos. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your insights into motherhood!

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 38

Children: Girl-10 and Boy-6

Occupation: 8th Grade English Teacher

The most rewarding thing about being a mom?

I would say watching my kids grow before my eyes and applying what we’ve taught them in to everyday situations. It gives you a sense of accomplishment that we’re doing something right!

The most challenging thing about being a mom?

All the changes with each stage that we’re not told about! Right now I’m having a challenge with how to deal with budding and evolving friendships and making sure my daughter is true to her character.

The best advice about motherhood you’ve received?

Do what you feel is best!

How do you practice self-care as a mom?

Not too much really! The occasional pedicure, a sweet treat, and a cleaning lady!

Must-have baby registry product? Gosh it’s been a long time. I’d say a good baby monitor?

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