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Featured Momma-Maria

I’m so happy to introduce my next featured momma, Maria! Maria and I met in college as sorority sisters. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of watching her accomplish so many amazing things in her life like completing law school, starting her own law practice, getting married and becoming an amazing momma to three beautiful children.Thank you for sharing your perspective on motherhood, Maria!

Name: Maria

Age: 33

Children: 2 Boys (4 and 3), 1 Girl (2)

Occupation: Attorney

The most rewarding part about being a mom?

I believe seeing my littles growing up and learning is so rewarding. When they come home and tell me something new the know or show me how they can suddenly nail a somersault, that leap of excitement your heart takes is the most rewarding thing about being a mother.

The most challenging part about being a mom?

Patience. Patience is by far the most challenging thing about being a Mom. I am constantly reminding myself to practice patience with all of my children.

The best advice about motherhood you’ve received?

This is the age of minority. It is so very temporary. We are children for far less time than we are adults. While even as adults they will still be your children, embrace every moment with them now because they only are little for such a short period of time.

How do you practice self-care as a mom?

I try to practice self care, however, admittedly, I am not very good at making time for myself between all three kiddos. When I do get a chance, I spend time out of the house on a date with my husband complete with wine!

Must-have baby registry product?

Nose-frida hands down. Gross as it may seem. It is necessary!

Favorite quote about motherhood?

"Today's Goal: Keep tiny humans alive."

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